2015 Results

Kendra Peterson – Clarinet, Accepted 1st part

All-State Musicians from Vinton-Shellsburg History

Kendra Peterson – All-State Band 2014, 2015

Nick Gardner – All-State Jazz Band 2011, 2012, 2013

Chelsea Brown – All-State Band 2007

William Beyer – All-State Band 2005

Matthew Ternus – All-State Band 2003

Kimberly Coe – All-State Band 1999

Becky Roster – All-State Band 1994

Betsy Zenk – All-State Orchestra 1992, Band 1993

Heather Thies – All-State Band 1991

Tim Jefferson – All-State Orchestra 1990

Mark Martin – All-State Pianist 1989


Audition Process

The All-State audition process is a rigorous one for all instruments. The goal of All-State auditions for the students is to prepare for an extensive audition over the course of 2-3 months in an effort to expand musicality and mastery of your instrument. The auditions are designed to select the best of the best musicians across the state at the high school level. This requires very difficult and extensive audition material to differentiate between the best players. This also requires DAILY practice to truly master the audition materials. As a wise man once said, every day you don’t practice is a day of practice that your competition gains on you.

Every student that plans to audition for All-State must purchase the required etude book(s) for his/her instrument. Below is a link to the book for each instrument.


Flute                 Clarinet                 Bass Clarinet                 Oboe                 Bassoon                 Saxophone (ALL)

Trumpet               French Horn                Trombone & Euphonium                Bass Trombone                 Tuba


Snare                           Timpani                           Mallet                           Crash Cymbals & Tambourine


The Crash Cymbals and Tambourine etudes are for callbacks only.


Below is a link to the required audition materials. For scales information, see the lessons page specific to your instrument.


All-State Audition Information