About Us

In the Vinton-Shellsburg High School Instrumental Music Program, students will have, through active participation in high school band, the opportunity to perform, listen, and create a varied repertoire of music alone and with others. Band participation will enhance the quality of life for each student through a learned appreciation and enjoyment of band music, a developed ability to experience and express emotion through band performance, and by nurturing musical skills which will open the door to lifelong musical, social, and travel opportunities. Performing music alone and with others will promote positive self-esteem, teamwork skills, discipline, and musicianship experiences unique to the talents and interests of each student. Individual lessons give students the advantage of learning at their own pace, and experience a curriculum unique to their musical needs.

Vinton-Shellsburg band students will refine high-level motor skills through technique development on their instrument and through marching technique development. Band students will perform in competitive and non-competitive arenas, enriching themselves and benefiting the social value and substance of the community. The band ensembles will promote student creativity and responsibility by offering student leadership positions by application, director appointment, or student vote. Students will experience world cultures through music of different styles, periods, and geographical locations of the world. In summary, the Vinton-Shellsburg High School Band will strive to promote cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. The structure of the curriculum will strive to do each of the following things: provide the highest quality instrumental music education for each student; promote individual responsibility; promote competition and performance; teach about other cultures; promote excellence, hard work, and honesty; promote teamwork; use individual creativity and imagination; and make music fun.

The vision of the director of the Vinton-Shellsburg High School Band is to provide a music education for all. This should include students, parents, other teachers, and school administrators. The Vinton-Shellsburg High School Band has the opportunity to support community events and other school activities. This organization will be a fun and quality organization, and one that will set high goals and expectations for every child.