Technique lessons are required of all instrumental music students. Lessons will be held during study halls, before or after school, during school on a rotating basis, and during lunch periods.  Students that have scheduled lessons during the lunch hour should try to avoid eating before playing.  During the marching season, lessons may be held in group sectionals run by section leader and director.

Occasionally a student will not receive a lesson when scheduled because of teacher workshops, meetings, early dismissal, late starts, and etc.  In addition, it must be understood that the director is responsible for many band administrative duties during the school year. Students will be excused from any lesson missed as a result of these types of conflicts and no make up will be required.

The lesson books that we use at the high school are the Advanced Rubank Vol.1 and Vol. 2 books. All students will start in volume one, and will move to volume two at the completion of volume one. They are blue and they all look the same with the instrument listed on the front cover. These lesson books should be available at West Music. Contact Mr. Waymire if you have any troubles getting ahold of one of these books.

Below is a link to the lesson schedule. This schedule is updated every week on Monday, and will inform you or your student about any scheduled lessons for the week. Keep in mind that students will have to sign up for their own before or after school lessons if that’s when they want to have their lesson for the week.

Weekly Lesson Schedule

Check out each section page for good online resources specific to each instrument!